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20 March 2016 @ 04:33 pm

As for now, this journal is pretty much dead, I mostly use it only to download stuff and sometimes comment on things. You can still message me here if you wish, I'll make sure to answer you. However if you would like to get to know me, please, follow me on Twitter instead!

[Things you need to know before you follow me on Twitter]I mainly tweet about SMAP, Yamashita Tomohisa and real life happenings. I also regularly tweet about the dramas I'm watching and sometimes about other people and Japanese stuffs I'm into. (But most of the time I'm into SMAP and Yamapi. xD) If you tweet about my main fandoms but I don't follow you back immediately, that might be because you either tweet in a language I don't understand or about things I'm not interested in. Please don't mind it, talk to me! If you talk to me, I will eventually follow you back even if you tweet a lot about things other than my main fandoms. I'm very accepting with the things those I like like. If you tweet mostly in a language I can't understand, I might not follow you back, but we can still be friends if you just talk to me! I will reply. So really, don't be afraid of talking to me at all!


★ I'm a huge SMAP (proudly Katori Shingo biased) and Yamashita Tomohisa fan. ★

That being said, the most entries here are not about them. I got into both SMAP and Pi when I was already half-way out of posting. (2012-13)

SMAP taught me how to love a group as a group. I love all of them a lot, but I'm undeniable biased for the funny guy with the creepy smile. //trying to act as cool as Shingo fans usually are LOL
Sadly I'm not a cool Shingo fan, in case you're looking for one. But I love him the most without question.

Between Shingo and Pi, though, don't try to make me choose, please! I tried myself and failed miserably. Give me the two of them together - in any meaning of this sentence.

I don't mind if you comment on my old posts, but please be aware that they might not be accurate anymore. I'll try my best to answer you, though, in case you decide to comment.

Lately I have like three posts a year, but if despite all the discouragement above you still add me and want me to add you back, just drop me a comment here! Take it easy, I'm friendly and swear I don't bite at all. ^^

31 December 2037 @ 12:00 pm
Robbie Williams - Puskás Ferenc Stadium, Budapest, Hungary (19.06.2006)
Placebo - Italia Wave Love Festival, Livorno, Italy (17.07.2009)
Placebo, The Subways, Manic Street Preachers - Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (15.08.2009)
The Subways - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary (30.03.2010)
30 Seconds to Mars, Mika, Papa Roach - Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (13.08.2010)
Placebo - Budapest Sports Arena, Budapest, Hungary (15.09.2010)
D'espairsRay - Diesel Club, Budapest, Hungary (29.09.2010)
-OZ- - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary (23.01.2011)
Miyavi - Petőfi Hall, Budapest, Hungary (08.04.2011)
My Chemical Romance - Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary (29.06.2011)
SUM 41, Pendulum, The Ting Tings - Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary (29.06.-02.07.2011)
30 Seconds to Mars - Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary (02.07.2011)
Gackt - Syma Sport- and Event Centre, Budapest, Hungary (04.08.2011)
The Subways - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary (26.03.2012)
LM.C - Club 202, Budapest, Hungary (17.05.2012)
Placebo, Hurts - Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (08.08.2012)

Akanishi Jin - Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan (12.11.2013)
Yamashita Tomohisa - Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan (19.12.2013)
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Kokuritsu Arena, Tokyo, Japan (21.03.2014)
Miyavi - Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (15.06.2014)
Ocean's Eleven musical with Katori Shingo - Theatre Orb, Tokyo, Japan (30.06.2014)
KAT-TUN - Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan (26.07.2014)

Placebo, Imagine Dragons, Jake Bugg - Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (13.08.2014)
James Blunt - Budapest Sports Arena, Budapest, Hungary (27.10.2014)
ADAMS - MondoCon, Budapest, Hungary (11.04.2015)
Robbie Williams - Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (10.08.2015)
Miyavi - Barba Negra Club, Budapest, Hungary (09.10.2015)
The Subways - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary (10.12.2015)
Adam Lambert - Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (02.05.2016)
Within Temptation - FEZEN Festival, Székesfehérvár, Hungary (05.08.2016)

Shoujo stage greetings with Inagaki Goro - Shinjuku Wald 9, Tokyo, Japan (06.10.2016)
Yamashita Tomohisa - Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan (03/04.12.2016)
Akanishi Jin - Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan (05/06.05.2017)
VAMPS - Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (22.06.2017)
Miyavi - Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan (29.06.2017)
Ieiri Leo - TV Asahi SUMMER STATION, Tokyo, Japan (10.08.2017)
Kamenashi Kazuya - Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan (29.08.2017)

QUEEN + Adam Lambert - Budapest Sports Arena, Budapest, Hungary (04.11.2017)
James Blunt - Budapest Sports Arena, Budapest, Hungary (08.05.2018)

FREE TIME, SHOW TIME 『 君の輝く夜に』 musical with Inagaki Goro - Kyoto Gekijo, Kyoto, Japan (16.08.2018)
Went to Queen + Adam Lambert con with my mom 😍

It was so amazing I don't even know where to start! To be honest, I could never really understand why Queen continued after their legendary singer Freddie Mercury passed away. But listening to them live I finally understood. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor are just as wickedly talented when it comes to their instruments as Freddie was in singing. I don't particularly like instrumental music, but damn, those long guitar and drum solos were amazing! I felt like THIS is why people always say records can't be compared to live concerts.
Adam is one of my favorite singers, but even my mom who still knew and loved the original Queen said it was perfect! I swear Adam is the best singer of our age ❤

Queen had a concert in Hungary in 1986 (my mom actually attended it) where Freddie sang a Hungarian folk song, Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt. The concert itself was made into a concert movie for cinemas (it was really a that big thing for us) and that moment became iconic to Hungarian people. Many foreign artists since then sang it for us. 😂 Anyways, at some point Brian May came on stage with an acoustic guitar and I was sure it's coming. He sat down at the end of the runway and started to talk about how it's been a while he last saw us and how we share a sweet memory Then he started to play that folk song and we sang along! It was beautiful ❤ Then he played Love of My Life and we sang alone again, then Freddie showed up on the screen. It was cut in a way that on the screen they looked like smiling at each other with Brian May, it was so sad and touching and beautiful.

They used some old footage of Freddie after this too, but not so many. A small part of Bohemian Rhapsody Adam sang together with Freddie and just ahhh. Again, so touching and beautiful. On the other hand, Adam got to sing one of his own songs (Whataya Want from Me) which was such a nice gesture towards him ❤
It seemed to me they love Adam anyways.

The MC before Somebody to Love was especially lovely. Adam was complaining to Brian May that he's lonely while they are on tour, he want somebody to cook Hungarian food for him, just somebody to love~ xD Brian May was hugging his shoulders all the while saying stuff like "Are you lonely?" and "I'm such a father figure to you!" It was so cute.

(It was also cute when Brian May came up with a selfie stick like "What can I do with a selfie stick? I can take pictures of myself and that's alright, it's my selfie stick!" But he wanted to take a selfie with his important people = us. 😆 Let me repeat BRIAN MAY TALKING SELFIES WITH A SELFIE STICK.)

During his individual MC Adam said basically: "There are probably many people who don't even know me and say >>He's not Freddie!<< I know! No shit! Are you fans of Queen with Freddie? So am I! So promise me one thing. Tonight you and I will celebrate Queen and Freddie together!"
He also added he feels lucky and honoured to be able to sing these songs. He's such a sweetheart. But it made me a bit sad, because it's been five years already, why does he still need to make this speech at their concerts?

Not to mention, he did great justice to Freddie. He can sing so damn perfectly! I was shivering through entire Who Wants to Live Forever! THAT VOICE.

And THAT MUSIC. It was cathartic. It lasted for 2.5 hours what is WOW for a Western ROCK con, but I could have sat there the whole night!

The stage setting was awesome too! My mom saw such a high quality stage setting for the first time and she said she almost can't decide which concert was better, this or the one in 1986 because this one was obviously more spectacular and she needs to admit Adam sang everything perfectly. 😁❤

As for me, it was easily the best concert I've ever been to. I know it's weird to say as I'm not a Queen fan. But omg. Everything was just so perfect.
We were sitting in the very middle, but it was a smaller venue so I could see Kame just right with bare eyes. And twice he came to the middle with a carriage and OMG HE WAS SO DAMN CLOSE! I wouldn't have thought it would happen in a small venue!

The concert was 2 hours 40 mins long!!! And Kame just danced through the whole thing with real air acrobatics thrown in. Amazing. As expected though. Perfectionist~

Gosh, it was such a trip to Kame's past but to my own too, it brought back so many memories! I could remember exactly how it felt to watch these solos from him on KT cons. Talking about them with people I don't even talk with anymore. I can't even imagine how emotional this tour must be for Kame biased KT fans. Or for Kame himself.

He was teasing the audience a lot for being too modest and not kyaaaing enough, but to be honest, sometimes I just couldn't switch my mood immediately after certain songs. The worst/best was something a new one though. The mini drama before ~Follow me~ was so damm heavy the whole audience was just standing in awe even when Kame started to sexy dance with fire all around and it was freakin cool.

But that mini drama, oh my fucking god. Kame is such an amazing amazing actor.

He sang Aishiteiru Kara without background music first, then without mic AISHITEIRU KARA, his bare voice filling the whole hall. So nice~

And I can't believe I saw 1582 live 😭😭😭💓

When I just got into Japanese music an acquaintance linked me 1582 and I remember being AMAZED. But it soon got deleted from YouTube and I only saw it again a year later. I got into Jin → KT and BtR was the first con I watched from them. I was all !!!!! when 1582 started. So yeah I was screaming and overwhelmed with emotions yesterday when it started, in front of my own eyes this time. I still can't believe.

Kizuna. Gosh. After all these years and everything that had happened to KT, it was so painfully beautiful. Kame looked close to crying too.

And EMERALD <33333

I was listening EMERALD non-stop during my last days in Japan three years ago, before and after going to KT's con. It always reminds me of those bitter sweet days, and it seems once again Japan is sending me off with this song. 💔

There was a whole corner when Kame was singing KT songs and first it was a bit weird, though at least they were remixed rock style and he performed them with a band. But I preferred the second half when he sang KT songs that were theme songs of his dramas. I immediately thought about Bokura no Machi de, but it still continued in rock style, so my heart jumped a bit when he got out the cute lighting ball from Tatta. (I was SO OBSESSED with that drama I went to all the locations I could find in Yokohama three years ago and it's probably partly the reason why I fell so much in love with Yokohama and now studying here.)

During the encore he had two songs with karaoke, but it was so out of time the whole audience was confused and I can only hope someone told Kame right away that this was the reason we didn't really sing because he looked so disappointed... By the beginning of the next karaoke song the staff finally managed to fix it. (They tried it once during the first song too, but then it was fast instead of late. 😂)

The first karaoke song was Sayonara Arigatou, and it was so awkward because when Kame stopped right before "Rabu da ne!" no one sang it... He saved it with telling us it's ok, we can just whisper it to his ears~ And then a guy screamed KAME!!! 😂 Kame acted like he's going deaf! Then we indeed whispered it to him and he couldn't stop smiling~

I was hoping for Pi to come, but at least we got Ueda instead. He appeared in the aisle Kame used for the carriage, so he was close too! And Pi appeared in a surprise video for Kame. Apparently Heaven's Voice from KT's Tame Tabi interviews people in every city Kame tours about what they think of him. One of the people in Tokyo was Pi! But omg boooy! He was so not funny I can't tell. xD He acted as if he really was just randomly stopped and has no idea what it really is. xD I was cheering inside so much for him like "Say that for that question, then it will be funny!!" but he kept on with the boring answers. This boy, seriously! xD I love him so much~

Kame kept excusing us saying Tokyo people are modest. He wanted to decide what to call at the end of the con instead of "WE ARE -- KAT-TUN!"

"Is KAMENASHI KAZUYA good as a response?"
*very few people raise hands*
"Hey, what's your problem with my full name?!"
"What about KAMENASHI? Ugh, no, I don't want you to call me that, too serious!"
"Don't tell me you guys are... calling me on my given name?"
*acting as girls shopping*
"- What are you doing today?
- Ah, I'm going to Kazuya's live!"

At the end we voted for KAME-CHAN 💓
Kame: "I'm not in the ~chan~ age anymore though." 😂💓

One corner later, Kame still trying to come up with funnier options: "Still Kame-chan?" *everyone raises hands* "Okay... As expected from Tokyo people. If I was in Osaka now, it would be already decided for [the name Heaven's Voice and Pi jokingly used in the video]!" 😂

The only thing I didn't like that the junior introduction corner was too soon and even Kame said "We're only 30 mins into the con, but...!" But otherwise it was all amazing! I felt like I got to all those good old KT cons, even if just for Kame's solo.
I asked my dear SMAP&Pi fan friend if she wanted to come with me because she told me she misses concerts and JIN'S CONCERT WAS JUST SO GOOD. And it was amazing for the second time too. I'm sooo glad I decided to repeat! My best decision since going to Pi's con twice.

I've never bought an on-day ticket before. Neither in Japan, nor in Hungary. It was an interesting experience. But we got so good seats! 2nd row on the very back of the 2nd floor. It doesn't sound good, but I could finally see the whole show (My ticket the previous day was close to the stage but on the side, so then I couldn't) and Jin sang right in front of us when he came to the smaller "live house" stage 😍

I forgot to mention that I was almost late for the first con because I thought 17:30 is the gate opening time, but it was the starting time. Like what is that even? Half? And not even a daytime (13 pm) show, nor evening? And next day we were almost late AGAIN because the concert started even earlier in the afternoon! At 16:30. We were RUNNING 😂 But I somehow managed to buy a penlight this time. I really missed having one the previous day! It was not actually a penlight though, but a psyllium light. Which is nice, because it was only 500 yen! I hate buying penlights I won't ever use again for 1500+ yen. I was thinking that the downside must be that you can only use them for one show and have to buy a new one every time if you go to more. But it was glowing for days!

Just to flame Jin a bit, he had autocues at quite visible places around the stage and still he messed up the lyrics of HWU both days! 😂 (It was mixed with Choo Choo SHITAIN, that must be the reason, though he could have rehearsed it more, esp after messing up the first day.) The second day he seemed so annoyed and angry at himself that he messed it up again, probably because it was the DVD filming day. 😅

The MC part was less interesting and somehow it felt longer. xD We didn't have 70s and 80s people that day, but a woman said she was 90s! They showed her with the camera, and I could hardly believe it though. Aaargggh, lucky Japanese women! Jin also asked 10s fans how they know him at all. He doesn't even appear in the medial! How??

This time Jin also asked who came from abroad. Mostly Asians replied, so ofc he chose the two blonde Russian girls to talk more. 😝 They were so like "Yeah, whatever, we love you, relax!" I tried to scream Hungary once but Jin didn't hear me. It was sooo embarrassing anyway, I felt like everyone looked at me around us. xDDD

He was talking about his fail with the perfume again and he said he's hurt and want to make the whole place smell from it now. 😂 He asked for a bottle, but then said he would use it when we already forgot about it and don't expect...


And that thing just has such strong smell that we could even smell it at the very end of the second floor x'D

To end this, here's my favorite moment of the concert. And it was during Christmas Morning which is probably my favorite song by Jin!

Okay, so Jin's concert was so good that I try to go again today! (He didn't manage to sell out Yoyogi, so they are selling on-day tickets.)

But awwww. This was the Jin concert I've always wanted to see!

It was his "Résumé" so like a best-of concert, so he basically sang all songs from the time I was madly in love with him and I was just smiling like an idiot xD

It was also visually amazing! Like... one of the best concerts I've been to, if not THE best. Seriously, it was AWESOME.

And he talked so much! He told us many times how he is grateful that we came. Awwww, what happened to you, my idiot? He actually said "There were times over the years when it must have been hard for you. You must have thought 'Jin-kun, seriously, now this?' 'No, Jin-kun, not again!'" And he implied his one year of "abstinence" was probably needed.

It probably was. I was so happy to see this Jin who respected his audience. Who appreciated us and did a show for us, not just for himself.

Funny moments! He desinged a perfume as goods and it was so bad. xDDD He had a long conversation with the audience about it. He put three months of work into it. I got to smell it after the concert and gosh, it was really bad! It smelled like a confectionery store. He said he likes sweet scents... but he'll try again next time. Who happened to buy it could maybe... just use it as decoration?

He asked how old we are. Most of us were 20s and 40s, next 10s and 50s. Surprisingly few 30s. And there were one 70s and one 80s fan, too. Jin was like, omg, and I was weeeiii~ partying here in front of you just now? And he kneeled down and bowed for the 80s fan in apology. xDDD

Anyways, he said there are embarrassing lyrics amongst his old songs he still can't believe he did. x'D

I was a bit regretting not going to his con in November, but I think it was the perfect "come back (to Jin)" concert for me after all.
31 January 2017 @ 11:37 pm
Title: Age is a Number
Author: valenstrange
Pairing: Katori Shingo × Yamashita Tomohisa
Type: oneshot (1880 words)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: slash, romance
Summary: None if these sillys realize what they do is making the other insecure.

Note: Very happy 40th birthday to Shingo ♥

“Don't say things like that about my boyfriend!”Collapse )
08 December 2016 @ 09:13 pm
Title: Dealing with Jealousy
Author: valenstrange
Beta: tokuswag
Pairing: Katori Shingo × Yamashita Tomohisa
Type: oneshot (1780 words)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: slash, romance, smut
Summary: Pi barely ever turns down an invitation if it's from a friend. Shingo wishes in some cases he did.

“You’re freakin the only one I want to hit on”Collapse )