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Hi, I'm Valen from Hungary, Europe.
Japanese Studies MA. Graduate of International Communication and Media Science. I was studying abroad in Japan for two years in total. ♥ I'm fluent in English and Japanese.

As for now, I'm mostly inactive on this journal, so if you would like to get to know me, please, follow me on Twitter instead! I mainly tweet about SMAP, Yamashita Tomohisa and real life happenings. I also regularly tweet about the dramas I'm watching and sometimes about other people and Japanese stuffs I'm into. (But most of the time I'm into SMAP and Yamapi. xD) If you tweet about my main fandoms but I don't follow you back immediately, that might be because you either tweet in a language I don't understand or about things I'm not interested in. Please don't mind it, talk to me! If you talk to me, I will eventually follow you back even if you tweet a lot about things other than my main fandoms. I'm very accepting with the things those I like like. If you tweet mostly in a language I can't understand, I might not follow you back, but we can still be friends if you just talk to me! I will reply. So really, don't be afraid of talking to me at all!

Of course, you can also comment on my old posts or send me messages here. I will make sure to answer!
Fandoms & favourites
SMAP is the very first group I really love as a group. I mean, obviously, I have a favourite, but they're the most precious to me as a whole. My precious manband ♥
★ I'm on board this little ship, ShingoPi. They are my one and only OTP. ♥ They're just so perfect together, and I just love them so much. Really, I'm crazy for Shingo and Pi, both apart and together.
★ I still follow everything Akanishi Jin does. He will always have a special place in my heart.
★ dramas. movies. musicals. concerts.
★ Placebo. James Blunt. Adam Lambert.
★ Kamenashi Kazuya. Yamamoto Koji. Miyavi.
★ Bereczki Zoltán. Ryan Gosling.
★ Shinsengumi. American Horror Story.

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